Works, Art and Alchemy of Rita Minelli

Rita Minelli was born in Cento (Ferrara). Lives and works in Bologna.
She created and founded the SPAZIO RUBEDO, an alchemy-evolutionary laboratory: where she runs the Art and Inner Awareness labs. This is also her art atelier, the focal point of her works, art and alchemy.

Even since she was a little girl, she was passionate about the world of Art and paintings. She experimented on her own designs and techniques on canvas. She is self-taught and continues to pursue research in art and spiritual awareness.

As an adult, she entered the Arts Academy of Bologna (Accademia delle Belle Arti di Bologna), particularly the Scenography courses of Prof. Mario Brattella, with the intent to learn and explore Space in all its expressions and narratives.

During her academic studies, scenography and painting functioned hand-in-hand for Rita, who painted faces and oneiric creatures on canvas, and also developed scenography concepts and wooden models. Two worlds that may appear as separate, but that gradually unite to give life to her compositions and three-dimensional universes.

She graduated in Scenography Cum Lauda and continues to this day her artistic path of research in a self-taught manner.

Works and Art Shows

Rita is involved in the visual arts field, holding art exhibitions in various galleries and museums. She has exhibited her works is several international Biennial exhibitions and was also a guest exhibitor at the Venice Biennale 2019.

Her creations have been exhibited at the Bologna Art Fair of 2016, the prestigious Fondantico Art Gallery as well as the Modern and Contemporary Art Gallery of Tiziana Sassoli, who also represented Rita’s work.

In 2014 she won the PMR Art Award, granted by the PierMaria Rossi di Berceto Museum (Parma), for the artwork called “Apertura di Cuore”, and also participated in the 10th edition of the International Art Biennale of Rome.

She was a guest artist at the 10th edition of the “Rassegna della Microeditoria italiana” (A prestigious book convention) where she created illustrations and book covers for various authors.

At the Plaumann Art Gallery, under the supervision of Albert Plaumann, she exhibited her works alongside historical artists such as Mimmo Rotella, Corrado Levi, among others. Her work is present on the “Milano, Art Expo 2015” page, which is managed by Giorgio Grasso.

Some of her works are held in private collections in China Hong Kong, Belgium Switzerland and France.

Scenography. Between Stable and Experimental Theatre.

Rita has worked in the theatre sphere as well, in the capacity of Producer for various shows including traditional works (Teatro dell’Opera di Roma, La Scala di Milano, Malibran di Venezia, etc.) but also specialised shows (such as a collaboration with the Societas Raffaello Sanzio in the Comandini Theatre, founded by Romeo and Claudia Castellucci, and Chiara Guidi).

She has collaborated as a scenographer and prop-maker at the “PUERILIA Festival”, which focuses on the anachronic reawakening of the soul and its opening to the senses.

Her studies and experiences in the world of theatre have greatly influenced Rita in her path to esoteric research.

Publications on Art Catalogues, Online Magazine and Books

The artistic works of Rita Minelli has been è stato reviewed by various renowned critics such as Annalisa Mombelli, Rita Salis, Federica Pasini, Tiziana Sassoli, Edoardo Battistini, Alberto Gross, Giovanni Monti, Irina Marchesini, Manuela Bartolotti, Charles W. Andrews etc.


The Art monthly Journal “Il Giornale dell’arte” by Allemandi Editore.

The Art Quarterly Catalogue “Hestetika Magazine, Art Design Architecture Fashion Hi-Tech”.

The Art catalogue of the international Biennale of Rome as well as the art Museum PierMaria Rossi.

The catalogue of the International Museum of Tarot (Italy) and the Arts Illustrated Magazine in Pennsylvania.

Mnamon Editions, Edizioni Nuovi (Esotericism), Exibart, Movimento Neo-relazionista, Animarte Art Magazine, etc.

Various publications in local newspapers and local television (Emilia Romagna and Lombardia): such as Nuova Ferrara, Resto del Carlino, Sole 24 ore, Parma giorno enotte, Repubblica, Gazzetta di Parma, Internazionale, Corriere della sera, Bologna, Today, tv parma, etc…

Fields of Research: Works, Art and Alchemy of Rita Minelli.

Rita undertakes her own independent research and is passionate about symbology, psychology, alchemy, esotericism, spirituality, oriental philosophies, quantum physics, NLP and all the disciplines that nurture the development of inner aptitudes and talents, aiming at inner wellbeing and to free the creative potential.

The Spiritual Path in the material world and vice versa

In parallel to the Art ecosystem is the spiritual world, where matter is transported and vice versa in a continuous exchange of profound communion.

Rita has been investigating from an early stage the Creational power of Art through Matter and Spirit, symbols and archetypes.

“I have always been on a personal alchemical path, in other worth a life journey full of love that has no boundaries. I love to bravely travel in and out of the space-time dimensions, getting lost and resting on the annulment of borders.
Through Art, I can break molds, bend and transform my own rules, explore the various dimensions of Spirit and Matter and… create dreams in meaning and meaning into dreams.”

Emptiness is empty, we are the ones who fill emptiness with matter but if love is missing, it remains empty matter.

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